2020 Chronicles

Storm Shelter Stocking and Inventory 100320

Storm Shelter Radios and Rechargeable Batteries

Hurricane Sally as a real wake up call! We had plenty of emergency supplies but they were stored in different places around the house. After Hurricane Sally, we took the time to get everything organized, inventoried (a big job) and moved into the storm shelter. Now, we can quickly find whatever we need without trying to remember where we put it.

Storm Shelter Medical Chests
Storm Shelter Pantry
Rolling EcoFlow Power station

Although an expensive option, EcoFlow battery packs provide a dependable source of power in case of emergency. Best of all, they retain a charge almost indefinitely. Shown here on a specially-designed rolling cart, the entire “power station” can easily be moved to where you need it most. The cardboard box contains solar panels for charging the battery packs.

Hurricane Sally Damage 091720

Hurricane Sally really tore up the Hydroponics tanks!

Blue Bottle Flea Control Treatment (for Dogs and Cats) 040920

Each dose (for cats) costs about $1.50

If you don’t mind using an eyedropper to administer flea medicine, then you can save lots of money with Blue Bottle Flea Control Treatment. For our cats, the cost of each dose is less than $2 each! We’ve been using it for years and it has proved very effective.

New Compost Supplier—Pinelands Nursery 040920

10 Yards of New Compost—Delivered!

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Unable to replenish our compost pile from our yearly supplier (Ricky Godwin is sold out), we decided to try the compost from Pinelands Nursery in East Milton. We’ve bought lots of healthy plants and beautiful ceramic pots from them over the years so we were pleased to learn they also have compost. Best of all, they deliver! Late note: We were able to pick up another 12 yards of compost from Ricky. See our Suppliers page for more information.

EBG Spring Blooms 040720

The nursery in bloom.

The most beautiful season of the year, Spring comes alive with a brilliant flush of glory. Winter’s gloom has faded, the greenhouse has been emptied, the planting and prep work have been completed, and a new load of compost has been ordered.

Crown of Thorns
Blooms on the Blue Patio

Busy EBG Office 040320

Spring is always a busy time of year!

J. Stephenson Photos 040120

Blueberries—image from J. Stephenson
Grapes—image from J. Stephenson
Mr. J. Stephenson