About EDEN Barter Garden

Started in 2014, EBG is a sun-powered, rain-watered, tech-assisted residential prepper project specializing in the sustainable cultivation of highly-nutritious vegetables and fruits—including several Asian exotics.

We develop, test, and document practical 3S (semi-self-sufficient) solutions that bridge the gap from where we are now to where we need to be. From raised-beds to biogas, our practical designs leverage traditional residential assets to provide food, water, power, income, exercise, education, and community—everything needed to provide contentment in a successful life.

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All journeys begin and end with the land


In our family, all journeys begin and end with the land—the soil beneath our feet. From it we rise and through it we grow. On it we prosper, and when the time comes, to it we go. Some journeys start at the beginning. Our story begins at the end of time

Hop in the Swamp and Swim!

After years of study and small-scale experimentation, we were ready to take the plunge. After all, the best way to learn about ‘gators is to hop in the swamp and swim!

10″ Raised Beds #10 and #11

And so it began. After a two-year search to identify the ideal destination (using an ever-changing list of criteria), we downsized and moved to the Emerald coast of Florida. There, we purchased a 3-bedroom house on a half-acre lot and went to work.

The ideal destination for our needs proved to be Marianna, Florida—but Marianna was a bit too far out! See Why Florida of all places? on the Questions and Answers page.

Gen-2 Hydroponic Tanks

Best of all, we documented each stage of our adventure, as you’ll see in the Chronicles pages and posts of this site….

And as you might guess, the surprises in this adventure far outweigh the expected outcomes.

A Tier-2 Solar Installation with Hot Water

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