Professional Services

The creators of EBG design, write, and innovate under the pen name of Walker Christian.

After decades in the computer industry, we are transitioning into concept development and original content creation. As we’ve always enjoyed the creation of technical eLearning courseware, we’ll continue to accept interesting contracts in related areas:

  1. Advanced technical eLearning development in Articulate 360
  2. Formulaic channel development
  3. Original content creation using Impact Imagery techniques
  4. Ghostwriting

Professional Milestones

Following are but a few samples of our eLearning courseware innovations over the years.

Impact Imagery Demo #1 (2018)

Impact Imagery

Originally produced in 2018 as a Web Design Doc (WDD), this innovative concept (Impact Imagery) raised the bar in eLearning.

v-Sims Video Simulation Demo #1 (2018)

v-SIMs are a preso-innovation from Impact Imagery. This talking head multi-layered video simulation (v-SIM) is created from off-the-shelf assets. Fast to create and easy to modify, v-SIMs let you focus on your message instead of production hassles.

Professional courseware and e-Learning developers save time and money by conducting internal handoff fileset reviews (FHRs) when moving from the Development phase to the Editing and Production cycle. Based on the cumulative nature of editing, this ongoing cost savings “feature” can be passed on to the client.