Non-fiction Short Stories in the Walker Christian End-of-Time Series

It’s never easy to place the defining events of life into positive perspective. It can take years to understand that today’s challenges are most valuable for shaping our ability to handle tomorrows trials. From pandemics to PTSD to homelessness to the loss of loved ones, divorce, sickness, drug addiction, and on and on, the challenges (and losses) mount as the years roll by—for each and every one of us.

      Writing is great for connecting events in a way that leads to an understanding that can take decades to realize. Does your life have purpose? Connect the dots and find out…

      Lacking the finesse, patience, and experience to be considered a polished author, my skills are limited to that of raconteur—a simple storyteller. I do my best to relate events within the circumstance of their occurrence, along with the emotional and historical cloaking of each adventure. For me, writing is a rapid-recovery mechanism that makes it possible to keep on carryin’ on.

      Listed here in chronological order, all of the stories in the Walker Christian End-of Time series are based on actual events. Several of these stories are now in draft form. Heartland is currently in the final edit stage:

  • Learning to Fly: Adventures on the dark side with a passport of light (1958)
  • The Man Who Saw Forever: An early brush with eternity (1972)
  • Sixty Seconds to Paradise: A rip in the fabric of life is halted by a divine encounter (1972)
  • Shooting Johnny: Best friends conspire to save Johnny—from himself (1972)
  • The Pencil Soldier: Imprisoned for life—or what’s left of it—by superstition (1973)
  • Dinky Dow and the Junkie Monkey: An interspecies duel (1973)
  • Heartland: Retribution served cold on a stormy summer night (1975)
  • ‘Stang: Life on the edge with an adrenalin addiction (1975)
  • Naugahyde: An episode of accidental larceny (1976)
  • Road Ranger: Searching for absolution, a travelling author rewrites the lives of others (1978)
  • Nicky Noir: This neighborhood “fixer” is always busy—doing all the wrong things—for all the right reasons (1989)
  • The King of Watkins Street: An 18-year requiem for an exile (1991)
  • Ten Thousand Miles from Yesterday: A 5-year spiritual battle on the road to truth (2001)
  • Electric Angel: The newly emerging internet connects a enigmatic grief counselor to strangers in need (2005)
  • Exodus: Constructing an ark for the end of days (2014)

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