Silver Wings

Photo by Marie Bellando-Mitjans on Unsplash

When words were steeds with silver wings,

we arose and entered the fray,

to reveal the luminance that clarity can wring,

and compel the darkness to fade.

Lofting gilded quills and furrowed brows

in stirrups astride and resplendent;

wielding syntax sharpened, quivering, espoused,

we exalted our dawning ascendance.

Oh, how we challenged those disheveled briars

and cajoled their obfuscate lords,

to shackle loose vagaries and slang uninspired,

and retire vast indistinct hordes!

Our fine-feathered adjectives smoothly did rise

to redress dark stanzas invaded,

followed by substantive articles advised

to shed clemency on essays persuaded.

Our gerunds well brandished; our morphemes inspired;

our punctuation encouraged and invested;

the clods of our foes, once scrounged from the mire,

became diadems, emblazoned—and thus bested!

—Walker Christian (c) 2001