Tiny Town Designs

Nestron Cube 060420

These exciting new designs are available in multiple configurations. Pros: affordability, efficiency, turn-key availability. Cons: These are on-grid designs.

Fortitude Ranch 040120

According to Fortitude Ranch, the net probability of collapse within the next decade is 2-30%.
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Fortitude Ranch is a survival community equipped to survive any type of disaster and long-term loss of law and order, managed by full time staff. Fortitude Ranch is affordable (about $1,000/person annually) because of large numbers of members and economies of scale. Fortitude Ranch is especially attractive to join because it doubles as a recreation and vacation facility as well as a survival retreat. Members can vacation, hunt, fish and recreate at our forest and mountain locations in good times, and shelter at Fortitude Ranch to survive a collapse.

Lander 2019

Shown here in an 8×12′ footprint with both solar “wings” deployed, the Lander micro-habitat is a lightweight, heavily insulated off-grid living unit with a slide-out solar kitchen, solar air-conditioning, and composting toilet.
Skid-mounted for rapid re-positioning, the unit uses jacking pads for leveling and features a man-trap revolving door for entry. The man-trap minimizes air transfer in hot and humid climates to keep interior temperatures stable.

The most unique feature of this unit is the selectable view from its virtual windows. Would you like to “live” on the beach? No problem. A simple voice command makes it happen. Virtual windows change perspective as you move around the room, providing an exceptionally realistic rendering of the “view” outside the windows. Care to wake up in downtown London? No problem. It’s easy, but expensive (about $6K for a 3×6′ view), but the price is coming down.

Virtual windows let you live anywhere you want, regardless of your actual physical location—Walker Christian.

4Hub 1995

This early 4Hub concept (from 1995) combines RV living with a small but luxurious home units that minimize maintenance and provide care-free living at a level not available elsewhere. Designed to be constructed in major cities around the nation, 4Hub offers a turn-key RV lifestyle for retirees that like to travel, but also want a base residence in every city on their migratory itinerary. The 4Hub purchase includes an RV and as many home units as needed to create a custom circuit to meet your needs—Walker Christian.


Cube-1 is an interesting concept from Russia.

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