Upcoming Projects 2016

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New problem: If the water supply to the house is turned off (for any reason), the solar water pump can overheat and start a fire! To solve this problem, we need a low-pressure shut-off switch for the solar hot water pump: All attempts to provide soft cell-phone control of the pump (using an X10 RF appliance module) have failed. Why? Because Windows 7 can’t maintain a static IP address (the IP address changes each time the OS is started). Remaining alternatives include an Insteon hub or a Square-D low-pressure shut-off switch.

> We’ll attempt heat-shaping of EVA foam to construct curved walls (to hide wiring) in the EBG office.

> We need to install top covers (with fasteners) for the rear rainwater tank bank.

> We’re thinking of constructing a hand-brake for shaping long narrow pieces of Plexiglas (to make corner protectors for interior walls).

(This article was originally published on 092516 in Issue 1 of the EBG Newsletter.)