Adding Tank Bank Covers

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Our IBC rainwater storage tanks are wrapped in black plastic sheeting to inhibit the growth of algae. Unfortunately, this 4-mil wrapping is already showing signs of deterioration from the hot summer sun. Two years ago, we fastened inexpensive Ondura sheets to the top of the front tank bank using poly straps and tension buckles. After two seasons, the results are in. They work great! We’re impressed with their outstanding durability.

We would learn later that removing them for tank maintenance was a real pain! In fact, these covers would be replaced, and the tank bank would be reconfigured and re-plumbed, in December 2019.

Read about how we installed new tank covers on the 2019 Chronicles page. See the Rear Tank Bank Rebuild Project 121519 (at the top of the page).

(This article was originally published 100216 in Issue 2 of the EBG Newsletter.)