An Innovative Catwalk Keeps the Squirrels Out 120321

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Featuring reconfigurable modules and multiple doorways to the house (including an insulated entry shown at left above), the Kitty City Catwalk helps to keep squirrels out of the garden.

Design notes:

  • The lower module (level 1) is equipped with two casters to make it easy to move this unit.
  • Four poles equipped with casters are stored at the left end of the middle module (level 2). These poles attach to lifting studs on levels 2 and 3, as needed, to move these modules.
  • Filled with concrete blocks and compost, the white barrel at the right end of the unit serves to anchor the top module (level 3).
  • Although not connected to the house at any point, the left end of the middle module rests on the windowsill. The remainder of the weight of the middle module is borne by the bottom module.
  • All modules are constructed from off-the-shelf parts: 1″ galvanized steel pipe and fittings (typically used for chain-link fencing), 2″x4″ metal fencing, and 1/4″ metal fabric. Custom caster boots were fashioned from PVC sockets and stainless-steel washers.

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